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Dear Fellow Webmaster,

I believe you will agree with me that MOST people do not have Adobe Photoshop skills and many don't even own any graphic design software. And no one would like to invest hundreds of dollar in buying graphic design software when they can get my minisite templates for less than $50

But the most common problem webmasters face while using minisite templates is customizing the template's header and footer.

Don't you?

Now, the only option is to hire some graphic designer to do that for you.


Graphic Designers Charge a Minimum Of
$97 for a Professional Minisite!

Yes, it's shocking but it's the truth...

If you don't believe me, then you should go and see for yourself what some professional graphic designers are charging for a single minisite. Take my word for it... you will be shocked to know that some of them even charge $150 for a professional minisite...

But... most of us can not afford to pay that much!!

It's a fact that your website is just like your salesperson. It is one who can make sales for you. So, its appearance should be impressive too. So, if you can't buy a Versace suit for your physical salesman, then at least get a clean and neat suit for your online salesperson i.e., your website. If you are depressed because you cannot afford to pay $150 for a professional looking design of your minisite to give it a Versace look; then I urge you to take a look at this...

Introducing My Latest Minisite
Graphic Package: "Site Design Pro"

On that note, let me tell you a bit about how it was created.

I have been providing graphics for minisites for quite a few years now. My first graphic product titled "Graphics Collection Home Made Edition" was a BIG SUCCESS. To date, thousands of copies have been sold and the number is still growing. Later I released another graphic package titled "5 Minisite Templates". It was also loved by my customers.

My aim is to help fellow webmasters and that's why I always ask my customers to send their suggestions for improvement. And I received many comments from them and most of them suggested I create another graphic package that does not require doing ANY customization.

It was then, I started working on their suggestions and the result was "Site Design Pro".

Why You Should Use "Site Design Pro"?

First of all, let me tell you why you should use "Site Design Pro". As I said earlier, your website is just like your salesperson. It should be very impressive looking. It's a known fact that having a neat, clean and professional looking website will give your visitors a very good impression. And don't forget what people say "first impression is the last impression!"

What Will I Get With "Site Design Pro"?

With Site Design Pro, you will get 10 highly professional, clean and neat design templates that include graphic source files and HTML pages. Why don't you see some of them for yourself:

You can preview the templates in larger size below:

And my friend... that's not all you get.

You will also get various button images and web messages that are required by every webmaster!

Here are the examples of button images that you will get:

Here are the examples of web messages that you will get:

Here's The Best Part...

Yes the best part is that all of these graphics are "plug and play images" and you do not need to customize them at all.

All you have to do is select the web template you want to use, choose the buttons that fit your design and place the web message that helps you to convert better. And it's done!!

Can it be any easier than that? :-)

And The Icing On The Cake Is...
Order Today and Get Two Fast Action Bonuses
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If you order today, I will even throw 2 incredible packages as fast action bonus. They are valued at $244 but yours FREE.

Read the details below:

Limited Time Fast Action Bonus 1:
5 Minisites Graphic Package (A $197 Value)

With your purchase of "Site Design Pro", you'll get "5 Minisites Graphic Package" absolutely FREE. You can customize these professional minisite templates to fit your niche like dating, sport, technology, health, etc. This bonus alone sells at $197 but it's yours at no cost. If you hire any freelance graphic designer to design 5 ministes for you, they'll charge you $150 for a single site... and what will it cost for five? Do the math!!

Limited Time Fast Action Bonus 2:
"How to Master GIMP" (A $47 Value)

You'll also get "How to Master GIMP", a complete video training set. This video training set covers the basics of GIMP so that anyone can use Photoshop and similar tools to edit or customize ALL of these templates effortlessly. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is thinking "this package is great, but I don't have Photoshop!"

The training covers the basics of GIMP so that anyone (even the newest of the new) can pick up these templates and feel confident in editing them and making them useable for their projects. It means you will finally have the skills to create your own graphics, and never hire a graphic designer again! :)

Special Offer: Order Today To Get
"Site Design Pro" For Only $49.90 $9.97

Yes, you read that right!!

You can get the Site Design Pro plus the fast action bonuses for just $9.97 but only if you order right now.

This is a real bargain that you will not get anywhere else. Trust me, just try to post your project on some freelance site like and ask some good designer to design the same package like this one for you. And, I bet they will charge you ten times more than the price above.

I know this because few years back, I was just like you. I also used to provide services at and I know how it works. This low price of $9.97 is a real bargain and an absolutely no brainer deal.

I Love To Do Business With People Like You Who Value
My Work And My Effort. So, If You Don't Like My Package,
I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY. There's No Pleasure
in Forcing Someone To Love My Work!!

Order now and try it for a full 60 days with complete confidence. Feel free to send your feedback so I can improve my work and provide better services. :-)

Yours for Success,

Sean Tan
Creator, Site Design Pro

P.S. - You can get "Site Design Pro" today for only $49.90 $9.97 or hire a professional designer to do this for you and end up paying up to $10,000. The choice is yours... I just hope you make the right choice. Order Now

P.P.S. - The fast action bonuses (worth $244), are yours free, and available for a very LIMITED TIME, so make sure you get them before they're gone. Download Now

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